Art by Ryszard Rybicki


Ryszard Rybicki
Photo by Moses Daanwi

I was born an artist. Art is part of me. I don't exist outside it. I'm responsive to the universal energy and involved in a continuous dialogue with the world, I question and challenge it.

There is no routine in creation, therefore I'm never set in my ways. Sometimes my paintings grow in me slowly, like the apples on a tree, until they finally materialise on the canvas. At other times they are created in a moment of serendipity. I just let them be. In the process of painting I'm not limited by any particular media, materials or style. I'm like a child that enjoys experimenting. To create my paintings I have used the golf balls, bubble wrap, the soot from a burning candle or traditional paints and a brush. What and how I paint depends on how open I am to the energy that surrounds me. I express this interaction through creating either abstract, intuitive paintings or politically involved visual statements.

Mine is the less travelled road.

Ryszard Rybicki is a life-long painter born in 1961 in Poland and briefly attended Art School in Brugge, Belgium. Since his first solo exhibition in 1987, his works have been shown in Poland, Germany and the UK where he moved in 2004. In his paintings he seeks to convey the relationship between intellectual and emotional perception of the world. He has designed and provided art to enhance many interiors and is a long-standing artist-in-residence at Mary Ward House in London.
Selected solo exhibitions:
  • 2015 ArtsLav, Kennington, London
  • 2014 The Framers Gallery, Fitzrovia, London
  • 2012 St Martin-in-the-Fields, London
  • 2011 St Martin-in-the-Fields, London
  • 2009 Ozone Russian Restaurant, London
  • 2006 St Andrew's Church, Fulham, London
  • 2006 Mary Ward House, Bloomsbury, London
  • 2004 Pro Arte Pax Gallery, Elblag, Poland
  • 2000 Active Estate Agency, Elblag, Poland
  • 1998 Swiatowid Gallery, Elblag, Poland
  • 1997 Solidarnosc Headquarters, Gdansk, Poland
  • 1995 Empik Gallery, Elblag, Poland
  • 1987 Galeria El, Elblag, Poland